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The Beauty of Becoming

The world shut down and what did we do?

We cried, we fought, we suffered, we won, we lost, we laughed, we complained, we survived, others died.

Life as we knew it stopped and what happened? We learned new ways to work, we connected online, we isolated ourselves, we had remote birthdays and we imagined what it would be like to hug our family and friends again.

The real question to ask of yourself is what did you become?

You are not the same person as you were one year ago. We never are, but this past year was special.

You are stronger, wiser, and more capable to handle life. You are appreciative, grateful, and find joy in simple things like going for a walk or meeting a friend. You have clarity like never before on how you want to live your life.

You know the power of prayer, you know the power of hope, you know the power of family and those close to you that helped you through hard moments.

You know the power that lies within the depths of your being. This power is now fully alive and even stronger.

Now you really know that whatever comes your way, you will be ok. You will know what to do, what to turn to for guidance. You will know the power of connection, understanding, compassion and love.

When the world re-opens, as you walk out and about and do the things you wanted so badly to do again, remember this. Everyone you come in contact with suffered in some way, experienced some type of loss, had sleepless nights, anxious moments, times of hopelessness and despair.

For the first time in history, all of humanity was forced into the same ‘sinking ship’. How fortunate to have lived through this collective experience. The outcome is deep, still evolving, yet in the long run will unite instead of divide. It will carry the world to a new horizon. There is no going back.

As you move forward, be the light and see in others what you have become within yourself. Help those who are still struggling. Be the mirror and remind them of what they are truly capable of becoming.

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Aaron Szczurek
Aaron Szczurek
Apr 09, 2021

Thank you Pam for this message of hope of connection in loving and growing together.


Apr 06, 2021



Apr 02, 2021

merci Pam ! 💖

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