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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

recalculating 2 get back on track.

It is the same with our life. We continue to drive, maybe it is the right path or the wrong path, the universe sends us a ‘recalculating’ signal, sometimes we listen, but more than often, we ignore the signals.

We continue to drive in the wrong direction, since we are comfortable and familiar with it. Remember this – If we want to change anything in our life and improve it, we have to stop doing the same things over and over and expecting a new result. Isn’t that the definition of insanity?

Life always presents experiences and tests that we can choose to participate in or not. We all have certain lessons we need to learn, certain people we need to meet, and certain experiences to live.

Is there something in your life that continues to hassle you and always shows up? It can be anything from – “I never have enough money.” to “I never can meet someone to be in a nice relationship.”. If this is the case, step back and ask – how is your relationship with yourself? Do you value yourself?

The reason the same people and situations continue to show up is that you have not yet learned what you need to learn to break free from the patterns. The universe likes action. If money is your issue, then when we put forth an effort to save money, to not buy a daily $5 venti frappuccino, to budget, to improve our situation, to appreciate what we have and who we are, then something different starts to happen.

If finding love is our issue, then when we take action to first love ourselves and only spend time with people who respect us, then something different starts to happen.

I believe we have warning signals and if we don’t listen to them and take action to make a positive change then we have to be prepared for what may result. For me this meant getting whacked on the head by a 2×4 until I made the changes that I needed to make. Each whack on the head got harder and harder – pain, suffering, and misery included with the free whacks. I wised up, took some new approaches, and these lessons no longer appear.

These are the greatest growth moments in life and as painful as they are, they really are required to help us move forward. While in India, I met a shop owner who each day as I walked by, would tell me little nuggets of wisdom. Once he said to me, “When someone hurts you, don’t be angry, tell him or her thank you for the free lesson to learn and grow into a better person.”

I know this is hard to do in reality, but think about it. Our most difficult times in life are when we learn the most and become wiser and stronger.

Identify repeating patterns in your life. Take note on what the pattern is and where you often struggle the most. Identify one reason why you are the reason this pattern continues. Look back to a painful period in your life. What did you learn? Who did you become as a result?

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