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Feel the Feeling….

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

feel the feelings

...drop the story.

Why do we have to fake it and act happy when someone asks us how we are doing?

We should be comfortable enough to express ourselves and to be OK with accepting that we are just in a bad mood.

For those who love self-help books and inspirational quotes, you most likely know about the ‘power of positive thoughts.’ I get it, but the truth is, some days, I don’t want to force myself to be positive. I just want to feel what I am feeling, welcome it, and eat some cookies.

Welcoming your authentic feeling, exploring why you have it, and allowing yourself to feel it is much better than pushing all the negative away and forcing yourself to appear happy on the outside. This might work for some people, but eventually it may backfire if you continue to push away a reoccurring theme.

When I allow myself to feel blah and when I accept that I am having a bad day, then I have noticed that I quickly move through the mood. On the other hand, if I fight the mood and beat myself up for being down, then the mood seems to last for a longer time.

One of the key things in life is to be able to fall down and to bounce back up as smoothly and quickly as possible. When we stay down too long then we risk settling into a funk that might be hard to get out of. There will be good days and not so good days.

Freedom comes when we can embrace all the days just as they are.

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