“With yoga, not only your body should become flexible. Your mind and emotions, and above all your consciousness should become flexible. Yoga is a technology – If you learn to use it, it works.” – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Yoga is the science of right living and is intended to be incorporated into daily life.  It works all aspects of the person:  the physical, vital, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  Yoga means union –  union of the body and mind. Yoga brings the physical and emotional body back in balance and can help the organs, muscles, and nerves to function in harmony.

I am a Hatha yoga instructor who trained in Rishikesh, India to learn yoga from the source. I met with sadhus, gurus, a famous swami, learned from experienced Indian yoga teachers, studied asana, pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy. I will bring all that I learned to my classes.

My style of yoga focuses on doing proper asana (yoga poses) to prepare the physical body to not only be strong, but also to be able to sit in meditation. Asana practice helps us become aware of our breath. When we realize our breath, we become aware of our body. We begin to sit properly and we become more aware of our thoughts and actions. We begin to be more mindful of what we eat, what we think, and how we live.

I want to help you create awareness so you can live a more balanced, happier life. Asana classes on the yoga mat are just the beginning. My goal is to teach you how to live yoga 24 hours a day.

Join Me in Yoga Class or Ask About Private Lessons 

I currently teach at my home studio on Monday’s at 5:30pm.

Type:  Beginner/Intermediate Hatha yoga.  Learn basic yoga poses, sun salutations, and breathing techniques designed to relax the body and build inner strength. This will then relax the nerves and calm the mind.

Imagine the Benefits

Increase flexibility, gain muscle tone, become aware of your own breath, bring your body’s organs, muscles, and nervous system back into balance, and begin to calm the mind and recognize destructive thoughts. With increased awareness, you will start to listen to your own body. You will become more mindful. When you listen to your body, you can make better decisions.

Yoga helps to develop the mind to body relationship so then you can develop the food to body relationship. Most of all, yoga will help you access your intuition and you will more naturally listen to your gut and follow your heart.

Contact me to set-up a complimentary one-hour consultation.