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What’s the health of your company? Good health is not just measured by the financial picture and the company’s long-term strategy. Companies must also consider the health and happiness of its employees – after all, without employees companies would not exist.  

With 20-years of experience in Corporate America, I know what it means to sit at a desk all day, to eat when stressed, or to grab candy and coffee to make it past the 3 p.m. slump. There are ways to make the work day healthier and more productive. It is a fact – engaged, focused, healthy, and happy employees positively contribute to the bottom line.


The LiveNow Corporate Wellness Program 

Programs offer an integrative approach that will improve the wellbeing of employees. Integrative means looking at the whole person – how the mind handles stress, how the body improves with frequent movement, how the body and mind stay focused when choosing to eat healthful foods, and how group dynamics improve when individuals in the group are happy with themselves.

How does it work? Simple. The LiveNow team will come to your office location, spend time with your employees, and educate them on what it means to live well and live now. Select a topic and your desired workshop duration. The rest is up to us.

Step One: Select a Topic

-  Mindfulness to reduce stress and improve focus.

-  Movement to prevent aches and pains from sitting at a desk all day.

-  Eating Well to teach basics on the importance of eating healthful foods for energy.

-  Personal Development to improve group and team dynamics while discussing the importance of self-appreciation.

-  Company Choice to enable you to design your own wellness program based on specific needs.

Step Two: Select a Duration

-  One Hour- This makes for a nice Lunch and Learn and is a great option if your employees have limited time.

-  Four Hours- If the company would like its employees to dive deeper into a few topics, then a half-day workshop is the answer.

-  Eight Hours- This option is great for a company that wants to offer its employees a full day event. Employees will fully experience what it means to live well and live now.

Note- All programs and timeframes can be adjusted based on company needs, e.g., divide a four-hour session over a period of two sessions. Costs do not include materials such as copies, food for a cooking class, etc. Prices are for groups of 30 or less. Please call to discuss pricing for larger groups.


Imagine the Benefits

Are you looking for ways to reduce health care costs? Do you want to learn about ways to help your employees be more positive and productive? If yes, then let the LiveNow team help you meet your company’s health and wellness goals. You will see results.

Your employees will feel appreciated just by you taking the time to set-up the program. Employees will feel excited about making new changes and as a team, people will feel more connected.

Contact the LiveNow Team to set-up a complimentary one-hour consultation.