YES…stop saying NO. Do you sometimes limit yourself by setting up barriers? Do you feel stuck in the same patterns and tell yourself that changing is impossible? A lot of us are stuck in a rut where the words ‘no’, ‘I can’t’, ‘that won’t work’ seem to be the only words that exist.

Just say YES. When someone asks you to do something and you feel tired and lazy, say yes anyway. Maybe there is something you want to do, but keep putting it off. Say yes and do it. When we learn to say yes to life then life will expand in ways that we cannot imagine. Doors will open, you will meet new people, you will learn new ideas, and your life will fill up with positive people and situations.

Let’s look at the word No. Say both words out loud – Yes and No. Which one feels more uplifting? I bet I know the answer. The etymology of the word yes is from Old English and means ‘so be it’ or ‘may it be so’. It is as if when we say yes, we are letting go of control, allowing ourselves to jump in, and welcoming whatever may result.

Saying yes also means accepting situations for what they are, accepting people for who they are, and accepting yourself as you are. This is where it gets tricky. I am not saying that it is ok to accept yourself, as you are, if you think it is healthy to sit on the couch every night for 8 hours to watch TV and eat a couple of bags of chips. Accepting yourself, as you are, means to acknowledge your shortcomings and limitations, but to take action to make some changes.

Saying yes also means to say no to those situations and people that you know for a fact are harmful for you. This gets back to knowing who you are, what works for you, and establishing healthy boundaries. My challenge to you is to just say YES. Try it out for a week or two and notice what happens.