The Space between the Breath – By Helping My Dog Die, I Experienced What It Means to be Alive

I used to think about the day. How would it be? Would she die suddenly? Would I have to put her to sleep? I read stories about the final moments, saw pictures of those last walks together, a final meal, or the last car ride to the vet. I could never finish reading, since […]

How to Behold a Mountain

I had been travelling on a bus across Tibet for the past three days. We were supposed to fly, but the Chinese military closed the airport. A bus was the only option. I sat in silence for most of the journey staring out the window. What else could I do?

If this were a […]

How To Start Drinking From The Bottomless Cup Of Joy

You can access this blog at the Huffington Post. Read it HERE.

Disconnect to Reconnect. How Living Without My Phone Helped Me Reconnect to Myself.

You can access this blog at the Huffington Post. Read it HERE.

Learn to Play Dead…

Learn to play dead when you don’t know what to do next. When we rush and make decisions we might regret the outcome or we might think, “If only I would have gathered more information, then I may not have ended up in this sinking ship.”

There is power in sitting and waiting a situation […]

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Everybody Put Your Hands Together…

Hands and their gestures are powerful ways to express emotions without saying a word. Many gestures date back to ancient times and today we often see the peace symbol, thumbs up, OK, high five, and on occasion the obscene middle finger. As a yoga instructor, there is one gesture that I do everyday. I […]

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People walk in and out of our life for a reason…

Some stay for a long time. Others are there for only a few moments, days, or months. Regardless of the time, each person has something to share, to teach, to help us learn and grow. This even applies to those who have hurt us and who have broken our hearts. These people are […]

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Beauty, Chaos, and a Little Dirt

Sitting cross-legged on the floor at the Oasis Café waiting for a very exciting moment- a fried egg.  Flies are swarming in the sunshine.  As the sun rises over the Himalayas and light comes out so do the cows, the dogs, the horses, the monkeys, and the flies.  I arrived in Rishikesh, India one […]

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