The Year That Didn’t Go As Planned and Why It’s OK

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Stop Using the Mind…

…to figure out the mind. Some things in life cannot be understood and sometimes we just have to surrender and say – Everything happens for a reason. This is especially true for those painful situations that do not make any sense. Remember – everyone is in our life for a reason, not everyone […]

Life is a Journey…

Not a destination. We choose to make it worthwhile or not. Along the journey there are turning points and we are faced with decisions. Sometimes we make the right decisions and other times we don’t. There are also others who join us on our journey. Each person we meet comes into our life for […]

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What Goes Up…

Must come down. What comes around…goes around. You’ve heard these sayings before, but do you believe them to be true? Everything is moving, cyclical, and changing. We are naïve to think that anything stays the same. You are already a different person from when you first started to read this. You have new […]

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