I made the decision to take a healthier path in my life and went through Pam’s Reboot Program spring of 2015. It was perfect. I had everything I needed to succeed, tons of information, guidance and support. It was all worth it! I’m 53 and feel like I’m in my 20’s with regained energy and willpower. If you want to make a positive shift in your life and get control of your own health, this is the way.

With Pam’s guidance, motivation, knowledge, and support I had an amazing experience. At the beginning of the Reboot, Pam suggested we set an intention for this challenge. Mine was, “I am stronger than this challenge, this challenge will make me stronger” and it did. I can’t thank Pam enough.

Pam, the Reboot experience changed my life. You did an outstanding job keeping us motivated, providing samples, recipes, the great cooking class, the yoga class and the high quality juices for the 2 Day Juice Fast. Even my wife enjoyed the Cleanse. We will do it again. Many Thanks.

Pam’s reboot was a wonderful experience. I learned more about eating healthy and cooking healthy too. Pam is easy to work with and a great motivator. Thanks, Pam

Pamela has been a wonderful inspiration to me as I transition to a healthier lifestyle, with a far better quality of life. From the beginning, Pam’s approach has been very subtle, and forgiving. I came from a place in my life where I was displeased with myself and my progress, and with Pam’s help I was able to see what I took as an overwhelming task, and am now break it up into smaller, consumable steps. As we progressed further into my transition, past the talking and planning phase, I found myself suddenly seeking out yoga classes and local farmers for produce. I have lost 20 lbs, have given up my fast food addiction, and for the first time in my life am learning how to cook with all natural ingredients – and LOVING IT! This wasn’t an easy process for me as I have an injury to my foot that prevents me from getting around as much as I would like to. Additionally, in the past four years when it came to eating my thoughts were always “which drive-thru is open,” since it was easier to drive thru somewhere than it was to walk into a grocery store and then stand in front of a stove cooking something that I had a 50/50 chance of screwing up! But with everything I have learned from Pam about how to pick the right foods, and customize my shopping and cooking and cooking needs, I find myself cooking! And doing it well! Pam opened my eyes to a better way of approaching health and fitness. Once I started adhering to that everything else in my life began to progress in a more positive direction.

Jenny P, Atlanta, GA

Pam and I have known each other for a few years. She was my mentor while completing my MBA program. I am fortunate to have had a mentor who was seriously interested in helping me find my way during and even after the program. She is someone who was able to empathize with my situation, which encouraged me to talk freely about my concerns. After each conversation I felt a little less lost and a little more motivated to follow my interests wherever they took me. All of her help was voluntary which shows how fundamentally passionate she is about helping others. Those decisions have led me to pursuing a new career and currently living a personal life that is ruled less by the expectations of others. She continues to be someone I can confide in and someone who is also transparent about her life and her lessons learned. It is a relationship that I hope will continue in the years to come.

When I first met Pam, I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do both professionally and personally with my life. I had lots of opportunity yet found myself often paralyzed in making a decision because all I could focus on were the constraints, the “what-ifs” and the possibility of failure. In working with Pam, she challenged and taught me to push myself so I could get beyond what I said I wanted to do “one day” and actually go out in the world and get it. Pam is truly gifted in helping others identifying their strengths, creating an actionable way ahead, and keeping you focused on the possibilities.

Pam has been an incredible coach and mentor to me. We met in the workplace as colleagues and she was instrumental in my growth professionally through her ability to actively listen and coach me through the many obstacles I faced. She has been an incredible resource for me in navigating many personal challenges due to her ability to offer sound perspective and see one overcome such challenges through constant nurturing. Before I met Pam I was confused as to the path I was taking professionally and what I specifically needed to do in order to get promoted. Through Pam’s coaching I was able to refocus on the things that mattered most professionally, draft a targeted action plan and ultimately I achieved the promotion I was seeking.


My narrative was and is one common to anyone climbing their own proverbial ladder — to establish themselves, build something. Pam pushed me to listen from a new place and to be honest about what a more empowered life would look and feel like. But more important than the new awareness, commitment and intention — Pam helped me establish space for a breakthrough into new possibilities. In creating that clearing, I found a new power. I saw ways to carve out a new path all around me. I’m slowly cementing that new way of being through everyday action, big and small. She’s a constant reminder to create the results – the life I want – not the justifications for why I don’t have it.


I knew Pam during her time as a professional consultant in NYC. I was having a challenging time at work figuring out my long-term and short-term goals, my true passion and how to achieve results. Multiple people within different sectors of our firm recommended I reach out to Pam for advice. Although I didn’t work directly for Pam, she became my mentor. She asked me thought-provoking questions, which helped me realize what I wanted from my career. She was consistent, available and always thoughtful in her approach. I am now working on projects that inspire and challenge me and I attribute this turning point to Pam. When Pam left the firm, she put me in touch with several other people who she knew would also serve as valuable mentors to me. She also made a strong effort to keep in touch, and her check-ins still continue to keep me on track. In this sense, I know that Pam truly invests whole-heartedly in the people she works worth. I highly recommend connecting with her and am happy to provide more about my experience to anyone who wants to learn more.


Pam impacted my life before she became an official lifestyle coach. She always set the example of living the best life she could, taking risks, striving for new adventures and experiences. We had frequent conversations and she inspired me to take some of my own new life adventures that were tailored to my priorities and values: international volunteer trips. With Pam’s help early on, I was able to put the fear aside and follow my passion of volunteering with my desire to travel. Now I’m on a path of taking a regular international volunteer trip on a biannual basis. Thank you, Pam.