My Journey

We all have a story and a life journey that starts somewhere. We don’t know the ending, but we know that whenever possible we should enjoy the ride. Life is a journey, not a destination. Every change starts with taking the first step. Here are some of my steps that got me to where I am today. Are you ready to take your first step?

Bali showed me courage

bali 1

My journey to Bali was the first time I would go someplace entirely alone and the first time I would be on the other side of the world. A few days before leaving, I started to panic. I went anyway and after 37 hours arrived and knew I made the right decision. I let go of the control and allowed each day to present itself. I met the most amazing people and was taken care of. After I got back from Bali in October 2012, I knew that something had to change. I could not get out of bed in the morning to go to the office. I became depressed. Within six months, I somehow mustered up the courage to leave my job. For the first time in my life I did not have a plan. The only thing I knew was that for any transformation to begin, I had to change my approach and pull myself out of what I had known to become a secure, normal life with a paycheck. This secure life was not worth the slow destruction of my soul. I moved from my Central Park apartment to my dear brother’s basement in Ohio. My life was changing for the better, although it was not clear at the time.

Greece fed me fresh, real food

greece food 2

Part of my journey was a one-way ticket to Europe. I found myself on the Greek island of Folegandros in summer 2013. It was here where my Greek friends helped me learn to do nothing, enjoy life, eat well and most importantly to get my Kefi (bliss, pure joy) back. I ate fresh, real, whole food all summer. The Greeks use simple ingredients such as lemons, olive oil and oregano. I returned to the States and after eating fresh all summer, I was shocked. I ate some of my favorite things that I thought were healthy and all I could taste were chemicals and preservatives. I paid tons of money for organic food, but I was disappointed. The apples on the island tasted 10 times better and cost 10 times less.

greece 5 editedThis is what inspired me to enroll at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and to become a Health and Wellness coach. I had to do something to share with people how to make better food decisions while choosing to eat real food instead of processed. Options and large grocery store aisles are not always a good thing. Often, simple is better and healthier.



India uncovered my true self

india 3 edited

My dream was to study yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda in India. I had always been intrigued by the spiritual part of yoga as many of my questions about life and its challenges became clear. Times of transformation are not easy. For me, yoga was the way to access that place of peace. It was not enough, since I was not living yoga 24 hours a day, nor was I managing to do simple sun salutations. I needed discipline. India could give me that. I woke up one morning in March 2014, freezing from the brutal Ohio winter, and still in my brother’s basement. I said out loud “I will email the yoga school one more time and if a spot opens then I promise I will go.” Of course, the universe works in magical ways. The yoga school emailed me back in five minutes. Within one week I had my visa and a plane ticket and was off.   What happened in India, I cannot put into words. India is a part of me forever and I can only share this via my interactions with everyone in my life.